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Alabama Law
Alabama Constitution
Alabama Codes from Justia
Code of Alabama from Alabama Legislative Information System Online (ALISON)
Administrative Code of Alabama from ALISON
Alabama Legislation 1998+ from ALISON

Alabama State Government
Office of the Governor - Official website of Alabama's governor.
Alabama State Legislature - comprised of the House and Senate.
State Senate - The Alabama State Senate is composed of 35 Senators. Each Senator represents a district of approximately 120,000 Alabamians.
House of Representatives - The Alabama House of Representatives is comprised of 105 members. Each member represents a district of approximately 40,000 people. All revenue raising matters must originate in the House.
Administrative Office of Courts - The purpose of the website is to keep the user informed about the Alabama Court System - its people, policies, events, and legal issues. It also provides access to a wide variety of information for those in the Alabama legal community.
Supreme Court - Alabama has three appellate courts - the Supreme Court, the Court of Civil Appeals, and the Court of Criminal Appeals.
Court of Civil Appeals
Court of Criminal Appeals

Legal Related Alabama State Agencies and Organizations
Alabama State Bar
Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution - The Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized to develop, implement, administer, assist, and manage alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs in the courts, neighborhoods, educational facilities and government agencies within the State of Alabama.
Board of Pardons & Paroles - The mission of this agency is to enhance the safety of citizens by providing the Board of Pardons and Paroles and the Courts, which have probationary powers, with investigation and supervision of adult felony offenders who are placed on parole and probation.
State Law Library - The Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library is the oldest law library in Alabama having been established in 1828 as the Library Society of the Bench and Bar of the Supreme Court, a private non-profit organization whose goal was to provide a library for the exclusive use of the Bench and Bar of the Supreme Court of the State.
Alabama Law Institute - Propose is to to clarify and simplify the laws of Alabama, to revise laws that are out-of-date and to fill in gaps in the law where there exists legal confusion. Created by act of the Legislature in 1967, the Alabama Law Institute was funded and commenced operations in 1969. The Institute is housed in the Law Center Building on the University of Alabama campus.
Department of Forensic Sciences - The Department of Forensic Sciences is the scientific arm of investigative agencies, with duties to assist sheriffs, police chiefs, coroners, state officials, and other law enforcement agencies in investigations of deaths and crimes.
Legislative Reference Service - Provides legal services to the Alabama legislature, the governor, and other state officers.
Alabama Legislature Information System Online

State Attorney General
Federal Courts
Alabama Northern

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